The Formidable


Mel Lim is a global technology storyteller and strategy consultant. Her success record for growing and scaling companies has positioned her as one of the most sought-after consultants in the tech and software startup scene. Traditionally trained in architecture, Mel began her career designing retail centers, casinos, stadiums and hotels in Asia, Europe and the US. Mel went on to found an innovation strategy and design agency that has garnered hundreds of industry accolades. Recognizing her knack for building businesses and products, Mel took her hybrid international background in design and strategy, and accelerated technology startups to multi-million dollar revenue generating enterprises, positioning them as market leaders and global brands. Mel is currently the CEO of Maspira Groupe, a startup consultancy. She serves on multiple advisory boards, and lectures worldwide on crafting innovative experiences through mindfulness. Mel commutes between sunny San Diego and NYC, and teaches her two boys how to draw like pros. 

Masterful Maneuvering


The awakened artisan recognizes that thoughts, words and actions ultimately manifest in reality. We create with our consciousness. The world is of our own making. And so it is important to commit, with passion, integrity and accountability, to all that we birth into being in this world. There is power in this practice of “presence.” And there is great joy!


Passion, integrity, and tireless refining and perfecting help comprise that master standard of achievement we know as craftsmanship. Extracting an original expression from one’s authentic self and shaping it into its ultimate essence is both a journey within and a reaching out through effort and contribution.


Each of us kindles a desire to contribute, to do something meaningful and beneficial, and to affect some sort of change. Every action has impact. When we unlock the mystery of ourselves and find our purpose, we can create a meaningful framework for our life that promotes our core intention and helps us contribute to the collective good.



In the first seven years of my career, I was in a male-dominated industry - architecture and construction. My father started out in construction and became a real estate developer later on in his life. And my mother was a powerful leader in furniture manufacturing. Neither of my parents had a four-year college education, but each was a self-made entrepreneur. My parents worked hard their entire lives building their dreams with their own hands. I was taught the old Chinese way of doing business—you wake up at 4am, you work hard every day without complaining, you stay consistent and you give it your all. Though times have been changing in the last two decades, I am still in a male-dominated world of technology and venture capitalists. I’m thankful that my empowering mom taught me grace under pressure, and how to develop a sense of purpose. I am ever so grateful that I am able to teach others to achieve equanimity in their work and lives through mindfulness, especially being a women in tech, a single mother, a female entrepreneur, an immigrant, and a minority.

“ ”

Mel Lim is a consummate professional. I engaged Mel and her team to design and build a micro section of our branded website. The nature of our brand does not allow for much latitude when it comes to creativity. With limited direction, Mel executed and delivered a stunning solution that was extremely well received by the organization. Bravo!


Richard Sanchez, Senior Manager Interactive Production and Development at Deckers Outdoor Corporation

When it came to deciding who would be the ideal person to help us with our brand repositioning I couldn’t think of anyone better skilled and comprehensive to guide us through this full spectrum brand identity project. Mel is a consummate perfectionist, utterly professional and her creativity truly knows no bounds. It has been a delight and an honor to work with her and I would do so again in a heartbeat.


Angela Yeh, Founder & President of Yeh IDeology

Mel and her team elevated our brand and website to a new level. They took the time to understand who we are, what our purpose is and our vision for the future. They captured all of this in their beautiful redesign of our website. The team was patient, creative, thoughtful and accessible. The result is having a brand and website that we are extremely proud of and one that captivates those who interact with us.


Matt Rinkey, President at Illumination Wealth


Partial listing 2013-2020

2020 Communicator Awards Excellence — PlatypusNeuro Branding: Corporate Identity Campaign/Corporate Identity Program for Corporate Communications • 2020 Communicator Awards Excellence — PlatypusNeuro: Branding for Integrated Campaign • 2020 Communicator Awards Excellence — Semperis Website Design/Computer/IT • 2020 Communicator Awards Excellence — Power Flower Brand & Identity: Branding for Integrated Campaign • Women in Tech by Remo | Panel Speaker - How will more women in the tech industry change its nature • Top 50 Tech Visionaries Award by InterCon 2019 • 250 Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs by Databird • 1880 Club Singapore | Panel Speaker — She Works (Really) Hard for Her Money • FTI Consulting Singapore | Speaker — Understanding Your Personal Power & Brand • IWIRC Singapore at Walkers | Speaker — International Women's Day Keynote Know Your Power • 2019 FTI Consulting Hong Kong | Speaker — Embrace Your Potential & Empower Others • 2019 National University of Singapore, NUS Business School | Speaker — A Crafted Approach To Knowing Your Power • 2019 IWIRC Hong Kong at KPMG | Speaker — International Women's Day, Know Your Power • 2018 West Virginia Women's Commission | Speaker — Succeeding Mindfully, With Impact & Influence • 2018 Athens Public Library | Speaker — How Creating Mindfully Gives Work, Designs, and Life Meaning  2018 Forbes Women's Summit | Attendee • 2017 Parsons School of Design | Speaker — A Walk in Her Shoes • 2017 UCSD Rady School of Management | Speaker — Consumer Behavior • 2016 Forbes Women's Summit | Attendee • 2016 Women of EO Aspen | Attendee • 2015 Forbes Women's Summit | Attendee • 2015 W3 Awards | Gold — Axure Website & UI Design • 2015 W3 Awards | Silver — Varonis Insider Threat Integrated Campaign • 2015 GIANT Conference | Speaker — Craft Value, Value Craft • 2015 Luxury Interactive | Speaker — Powering Data-Driven Experiences: Crafting Brand Value & Customer Engagement • 2015 RGD CA | Speaker — Personal Branding & Our Obsession with Being Liked •  2015 Stanford University | Speaker — Unleashing Creative Innovation and Building Great Products • 2014 Communicator Award of Distinction — Axure Web Design Visual Appeal • 2014 Communicator Award of Excellence — Varonis Marketing & Branding Integrated Campaign • 2014 Forbes Women's Summit | Attendee • 2014 44th Creativity Media Award | Gold — Axure RP User Interface Design • 2014 44th Creativity Media Award | Honorable Mention — Axure Website Design & Illustrations •  2014 WIRED Business Conference | Attendee • 2014 WebVisions | Speaker — Turtle Design in a Rabbit Age | Lecture — Supercharge Creativity: Solve Business Problems and Innovate Through Play • 2013 Communicator Award of Excellence — Carolyn Dempsey Design Website Self Promotion • 2013 Communicator Award of Excellence — Carolyn Dempsey Design Website Visual Appeal • 2013 Interactive Media Award | Best In Class — Carolyn Dempsey Design Website • 2013 43rd Creativity Media Award | Gold — Varonis Datasheets • 2013 43rd Creativity Media Award | Honorable Mention — Axure RP Product Features Video • 2013 43rd Creativity Media Award | Honorable Mention — Carolyn Dempsey Design Web & Brand Identity • 2013 RGD CA | Speaker — Using UX Design Principles & Methodologies in Design Management & Innovation • 2013 The Design Research Conference | Speaker — The Yin & Yang of Egonomics • 2013 WebVisions | Speaker — Designing Life and Brands through Aspirations  | Lecture — Using UX Design Principles & Methodologies in Design Management & Innovation • 2013 Women Leadership Achievement Award — For Innovative Contributions, Leadership, and Passion for Making a Difference 

Mel Lim's work has also been published in over 1000+ international blogs, magazines including NY Times, C Magazine, Design Korea (Korea), Design Management Institute, The Star (Malaysia), ICO-Grada, Interiors, Cottage Living, Oh Joy!, Design Sponge, to name a few...