Founded: 1963  |  Headquarters: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  |  Engagement 2010


  • How to solve user problems?

  • How to establish a foundation/system for cross-functional teams, and product divisions under a large global brand?

  • How to simplify complex technical information for a multi-generational audience?

  • How to incorporate data gathered from usability testing analysis and feedback sessions into product user flows and designs?

  • How to strip down the user interface design so that it is uncluttered and unobtrusive?

  • How to create how-to-guides that allow user access via mobile devices?


  • Created an iconography system with detailed typography guidelines to help the CIM team create functional, meaningful, and universal UI language and interaction design 

  • Designed a warm, inviting, clean and manageable Getting Started Guide that presents complex technical information in a way that users find easily digestible 

  • Created user flows to help users understand the installation process for multiple smart home devices

  • Redesigned product identity mobile app logos that unify all the different brands under the Xfinity® umbrella


  • Content Strategy

  • Design

  • Art Direction

  • Style Guides

  • UX

  • UI

  • Iconography

  • Illustration

  • PrePress

  • Getting Started Guide

  • Program UI Design

  • Typography Guidelines

  • Cross-Team Annual Meeting Promotion

How Establishing a Better User Experience Framework Increased
Brand Value and Customer Satisfaction 

The Skype™ on Xfinity® launch, where Mel Lim was tasked to design an experience that would allow users to enjoy their TV shows while enabling them to unobtrusively make a video call, text their friends, and/or receive calls through a seamless user interface. From the beginning, Mel Lim identified that the challenge was to unclutter the experience and to create flows that would allow the technology to surface and perform optimally, assisting the user if and when necessary, without having to prompt or intrude. This delicate balance of coherent experience required Mel Lim’s team to work very closely with the Comcast engineering and product team. The collaboration ensured the feasibility of technical limitations and capabilities and how they paired with user needs and their natural interactions with their TV, cable remote control, and mobile devices.

User experience is certainly not one-dimensional, nor is it limited to only devices. The CIM team was quick to acknowledge that in order for a user to fully enjoy the new technology, the entire customer experience had to be scrutinized, measured, and improved upon. Mel was tasked next to identify how to improve the installation time of The Skype™ on Xfinity® set top box. With an average install time of 45-minutes, the CIM team identified that the main problem was in the Getting Started Guide. It was cumbersome and confusing, and resulted in user frustration and phone calls to customer support. The challenge was to create an easy-to-use guide that would not only help a multi-generational audience to self-install, but would also make complex technical information digestible. 

Mel re-examined and redesigned the Getting Started Guide by first installing the system in order to fully understand first-hand all the pain points, validate them, and identify ways to improve the experience. The process also called for Mel’s team to work closely with the engineering and legal teams on compliance, content writing. Design solutions were brought to users for usability testing and analysis, resulting in a 10-minute install time.

Mel Lim’s solid, human-centered design approach to problem solving and its long history of working with innovative technology companies and their exceptional engineering teams has been crucial to forging many of Comcast’s successful initiatives. Mel Lim went on to work with other divisions including the Xfinity® SmartHome team, where the design firm embraced the challenge of tackling user experience flows for 15 smart home devices. Mel and her team installed each and every single device to validate user flows, identified pain points, mapped out guides for improving the installation process, and produced over hundreds of step-by-step illustrative guides that could be accessed via Comcast’s many service mobile apps. 

As Mel Lim and Comcast collaborative projects strengthened, and the design firm’s immersive understanding of the overall Comcast brand expanded, Mel also had the opportunity to redesign a series of product branded mobile app logos. It used the previously established iconography foundation as a guide and soon the Comcast Xfinity® brand and all of its various divisions were easily recognizable when viewed on mobile devices. With each project, Comcast improved their user and customer experience journeys. Customers found they could use the technology that the brand offered with ease and delight. These were small but important “wins.” With each improved experience, with each win, Comcast grew its customer advocacy and brand value. 


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