Creating Through Adversity

Date: July 23, 2020

Time: 11am - 1pm PST

Where: Virtual

Every single one of you is a seed of hope for the world. Each of you will help to re-envision, redefine, and recalibrate our collaborative existence with one another and this beautiful planet. I am still astonished at how a small discussion about how to bring hope and optimism to the world during this time of unprecedented global challenge transformed into this spectacular virtual Summit we are calling The Futurum Forum. In the midst of great uncertainty, darkness and despair there is always a glimmer of hope and light that can be nurtured and brought forth. When ideas, no matter how small, are illuminated through altruism and driven by heart-centered purpose, they can ignite great change in the world.


There is something intrinsically beautiful about the human heart and the human spirit, the fruits of which are hope, compassion, kindness, and good works. I’ve always been fascinated by the incredible things people do out of love for one another: their family, their patients, their team, their regiment, their community, their country and even people they’ve never met. That care to do the right thing, no matter the odds, to persevere in the face of all adversity and despite risks to oneself, is what sets the human being apart from all other forms of intelligence: earthly, galactic, or AI.


Why do people perform so brilliantly, so magnificently under extreme conditions? We are living through such circumstances now, and the heroism and compassion we all witness each day inspires us to reach deep within ourselves and search for answers, for insight into the future, for a better way of being that involves the global whole.


I am beyond thrilled that so many of you have agreed to participate in our Summit, and to bring your brilliant minds together as a collective, selflessly daring to dream a little bigger, ask brave questions, ideate in compelling ways, and lead with your heart. I so greatly admire you and your intention to inspire positive change, spread pervasive optimism, ask questions perhaps never considered or dared, lift the whole of humanity, realign our species with the planet, and most importantly – LOVE.


This is the moment where we all become alchemists; where we shift and direct the energies in order to manifest our Global Future. I am confident that together we will craft a better, healthier, more mindful and unified planetary existence – one we can feel good about passing down to our children. Let’s make it a legacy of hope, heart-centered interaction, and sustainable connection to one another and our living earth.



With gratitude and great love - Mel

Check out our past inaugural Summit here:



Join us at the Futurum Forum for a rigorous, collaborative exchange that culminates in powerful seeds of change. Bring your optimism. Bring your altruism. Bring your hope. Bring your belief in the power of the human spirit and your commitment to kindness, compassion, and generosity. Within our rigorous discussion framework, where accountability and integrity are mandatory, we will develop actionable strategies and blueprints for a world reimagined. We will employ our creative gifts, visualize possibilities and identify solutions. At the Futurum Forum, thinkers do, doers collaborate, and meaningful, positive change is activated and celebrated.

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Thank you Mel and the team at Maspira Groupe for an amazing event! What a great group of panelist led by interesting and thoughtful Q&A. I only wish we had more time! It was an honor to be a part of this inaugural session and I very much look forward to the next. 


Jaahred Thomas, Venture Capitalist and Founding Partner of Connectivity Ventures, Panel Speaker

Thank you for hosting such an empowering event last week at Futurum Forum. It was an honor to participate in the collaboration among a dynamic group of thought leaders. It is events such as Futurum Forum that inspire the positive ideas and actions of a better future.


Tricia Sciortino, CEO of Belay, Panel Speaker

I was so glad to be part of the Futurum Forum networking and discussions. This time can feel isolating and exhausting but I left feeling empowered, energized, and inspired to keep pivoting, and if that doesn't work—rest and pivot again!






1 Keynote Speaker

5 Panelists + 1 Moderator

15 Roundtable Facilitators

100 Executive Attendees

2 hours of rigorous discussions


We are hosting this Summit on an amazing virtual platform called Remo.Co. If you haven't experienced Remo, we highly recommend that you watch the introductory video here. You will see that unlike Zoom, Google Hangout, or Microsoft Team, this platform enables us to create a conference-like experience; with Keynote and Main Panel engagements AND facilitated small-roundtable discussions. 



DEADLINE: June 1, 2020

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