Founded: 2011  |  Headquarters: San Francisco, CA  |  Engagement 2016


  • How to nurture trust in existing clients?

  • How to show that reports/services provided are substantive, rigorous yet approachable?

  • How to be friendly and familiar without being elusive and out of reach?

  • How to convey an American confidence?

  • How to show clients value from the start?


  • Reimagined the brand for GVR to position itself as an approachable, insightful, and detail-oriented global research and consulting firm.

  • Showcased unrivaled expertise in providing detailed analysis with customized parameters and delivering enhanced value and significant outcomes.

  • Created outstanding visuals to mirror and underscore GVR’s report excellence, enhanced value, and exceptional customer service.

  • Developed sensory comparisons to help define and articulate GVR’s characteristics/attributes of being detailed, precise, knowledgeable, reliable, smart, insightful, trustworthy, approachable and judicious.


  • Brand & Identity Design

  • Creative Strategy & Art Direction

  • Core Values

  • Stationery

  • Report Design & Typesetting

  • Digital & Social Media

How Reshaping the Visuals that Deliver Rich Content and
Data Boosts Trust, Relevancy, and Confidence 

Grand View Research (GVR) is in the business of client impact. As a U.S.-based market research and consulting firm, GVR cares to be known globally as an information integrator. Its research expertise and market analysis provides industry insights worldwide, in countries and regions that include North America, South America, Europe, Central and Eastern Europe, the Commonwealth of Independent States, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.


This San Francisco-based company provides actionable market data in the form of meticulously compiled, syndicated research reports and judicious consulting services to help clients make informed strategic business decisions. GVR’s comprehensive discovery process includes detailed, fact-based research across a range of industries: technology, chemicals, materials, healthcare and energy.

GVR values what clients love: integrity, satisfaction, collaboration, quality, and service. It strives for the distinction of delivering top results that translate into customer advantage and 100% satisfaction. The company retained Mel Lim and her team to help it externalize its values to customers, via different channels and touchpoints, from their web and digital experience to their report designs and business cards. Mel Lim is expert at setting a brand’s tone, helping it become more relevant and polished, identifying how it wants to be experienced, and differentiating it from the rest of its market at every touchpoint.


Isolating and identifying key messaging was an essential step in developing the brand’s identity and positioning. Mel distilled their findings and posited that research and dependability have a name: GVR. Sophisticated and respected yet approachable and accessible, the company delivers high-quality with a polished familiarity. Although their reach is international, the brand conveys the heart and grit of American confidence, determination, fortitude, and spirited optimism.

Part of the creative strategy process involves discerning a brand’s aspirations. The design firm assisted GVR in understanding who they are, what they want to become, the qualities that made them, how they want to be felt, heard, seen, touched, and experienced, and how to become better, more relevant, and more polished. 

Based on findings and feedback, Mel and her team designed a logo identity for GVR that feels friendly and modern in appearance, and reveals an approachable confidence. The architectural structure of the geometric GVR initials represents the meticulously compiled and syndicated research reports that ultimately empower clients to make informed business decisions. Designed with cool and calm brand colors, Grand View Research conveys as assured essence, suggesting that it is deeply respected without being out of reach.

Lending expertise in report design and typesetting, Mel sought to create an impressive report design that would mirror
and enhance the outstanding content of every GVR report. GVR’s superb quality and exceptional customer service rivals the competition, and its detailed analysis with customized parameters provides enhanced value and significant outcomes for clients.

High quality and polished in its presentation, the Grand View Research Report Template brings a vibrant spirit to detailed analysis and fact-based research. The template is designed to balance the qualities of being trustworthy, dependable, and confident with the qualities of being detail-oriented, rigorous and calibrated for high-performance.

For this report template, Mel thought it was important to highlight GVR's new logotype as well as to play with the new shapes created. The new cover and template reflect this fresh wave of bold colors and shapes. Mel experimented with overlapping the logo's letters to form new landscapes of shape, color, and depth.

This bold and insightful report template was designed to display complicated data and information in an engaging and appealing way. Its design reflects the geometric and data savvy material it holds, while remaining bold and inviting to those who use it.

For our client GVR and many others, applying a new brand to various social media outlets is a must. Mel created a hero/cover image and profile icon to show off Grand View Research's new bold brand. Five variations were produced for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Slideshare, and Google+. Mel’s solutions to GVR’s design challenges were as original and client specific as GVR’s own research and consulting services. Mel transformed objective insights into compelling and strategic design that will help GVR attract customers, grow business and secure competitive advantage.


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Mel and her team did a fantastic job developing a comprehensive understanding of our brand and the personality we wanted to convey with our logo, branding, website, and other identity work. They really captured who we are, and who we want to be — and it was brilliantly expressed in the logo and design work they completed for us. Mel Lim Design has a real knack for capturing your brand essence and expressing it visually, and it’s a pleasure to work with them.

— Brian Haven, CEO