Founded: 2015  |  Headquarters: San Francisco, CA  |  Engagement 2015


  • How to get others to know and trust Kerry Bodine?

  • How to claim market leadership?

  • How to build confidence in the company?

  • How to build brand value?

  • How to define a unique company mission and mantra?

  • How to increase perception of credibility and true authority?

  • How to relate, attract and persuade through Whitepaper design?


  • Reimagined a brand for Kerry Bodine to position herself as an author and consultant with less focus on her past as an industry analyst

  • Presented Kerry as she helps clients address Customer Experience challenges, identify new thinking and execute new strategies and designs

  • Embraced an approachable dynamism and playful simplicity when designing the company stationery

  • Presented Kerry Bodine as a relevant expert that is wickedly smart and substantive

  • Showcased the unrivaled expertise in Service and Experience Design of the company at all touchpoints


  • Brand & Identity Design

  • Brand Development & Guidelines

  • UX Principles & Guidelines

  • Creative Strategy

  • Stationery

  • Whitepaper Design

  • Website Design

  • Typesetting

  • Content Strategy & Creation

  • Digital & Social Media

  • Speaking Kit

  • Art Direction

  • Print Management

Kerry Bodine Believes that Happy

Customers Lead to Happy Shareholders

Her book Outside In: The Power of Putting Customers at the Center of Your Business helps business leaders understand the financial benefits of great customer experiences – and how their organizations must change in order to deliver them.

Kerry is a global keynote speaker, customer experience consultant, and coach with a passion for helping organizations learn and adopt human-centered design. Her ideas, analysis, and opinions have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, Forbes, and USA Today. As a coach, Kerry would be the first to say that sometimes we all just need a little help. And so, when this seasoned and expert empowerment house decided to refresh her brand’s identity, she sought out the penetrating insights and smart ideas of Mel Lim and her team. Just as Kerry Bodine encourages her own clients in their discovery process, Mel guided this customer service and experience innovation leader to delve deep and discern and share the strengths and disconnects in her culture, her business style, her methodologies and the ways in which she is and would like to be perceived. And in true Kerry Bodine style, where there is the strong belief that people feel invested in what they help to create, and where collaboration is the key to innovation, Mel invited Kerry to actively contribute throughout the branding process.


Based on feedback derived through questionnaires and consultation, one thing became immediately apparent: Kerry Bodine believes in the power of HAPPY. The power of HAPPY and the multiple, tangible benefits it induces cannot be denied or ignored. People who are happy live longer, are more active, possess greater energy, exhibit better emotional health, self-control and coping abilities, and deliver higher creativity, productivity, and quality of work. Happy people enjoy stronger, deeper, richer relationships, interactions and support because they are more cooperative, social and charitable. Families, communities, employers, and society function better when “happiness” is a priority, a goal, a methodology, and a way of life.

How do you design a brand around “happy” that will be appropriately noticed, taken seriously, and respected? In addition, Kerry Bodine shared additional information about her business style and how she is and would like to be perceived. Often mistaken to be 10 years younger than she is, Kerry mentioned that she did not want her brand identity to age her prematurely, but she also needed to garner the attention, respect, and responsiveness of senior executives. She considered herself professional but not corporate or stuffy, wicked smart but not pretentious or academic, feminine but not girly, modern but not cold or sci-fi, and playful but not childish or cartoony. These descriptors shaped the tone of the new brand identity.


Kerry Bodine embodies this passion for happiness and human-centered design at every level of engagement. The consultancy also embodies unrivaled and approachable expertise in service and experience design, and delivers substantive guidance and supportive advice as it helps clients design their own cultures of service to enhance brand experience. And finally, Kerry Bodine is committed to sharing expertise. As an author and industry analyst, Bodine analyzes current trends in business, design, and technology and provides thought leadership about emerging trends and best practices. Mel Lim's rebranding effort for Kerry Bodine needed to begin with an overview and re-envisioning of the brand identity positioned around these three key messages, and then extend seamlessly into the many elements of functionality that help comprise the Bodine brand: logo; website design; whitepaper; stationery; speaking kit; digital media templates.


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“ ”

Mel Lim and her team took the time to understand what really made us tick and created an identity system that suited us to a T. Their branding work

was impeccable, and they somehow seemed to know what we’d like before we even knew it ourselves. Every time I look at our new logo, I can’t help but smile! Mel’s team is talented, but they’re also a dream to work with. They’re smart, responsive, and always

willing to make sure that we get what we need.

— Kerry Bodine, Chief Consultant