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To design for brands, we must first design for people.

To design for people, we must first understand culture.

To understand culture we must first understand history.

To understand history, we must first respect traditions.

And to do all of the above, we must give it time.

Time to fully absorb, experience, feel, nurture, taste,

see…where all of our senses are challenged and provoked.

That is design. That is art.

That is what it takes to design and create for people, for brands, and for a better world.

That is what it means to be a gloriously grounded “turtle.”

Mel Lim -

Optimism Unleashed

Not only is Mel Lim at home in the world, she wants to enrich it and make it a place where everyone can aspire and reach for their highest potential. This Malaysian-born and raised design leader and author traversed geographical and cultural boundaries, language barriers, and financial challenges to pursue her dreams and bring her thought leadership to the world. Passionate about creating meaningful work that improves quality of life world wide, Mel’s award-winning projects, product/service innovations, and strategic vision have impacted millions in the United States, London, Tokyo, Spain, Copenhagen, and all the way to the UAE. With optimism, enthusiasm and compassion as key drivers, Mel invites others to grow and be stretched toward extraordinary possibilities and opportunities. She regularly shares her knowledge, expertise, ideas, insights and compelling stories through writing, lecturing and hosting workshops at some of world's leading institutions.


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Women Diversity & Inclusion


Mindfulness is essential in craftsmanship. We must know who we are and why we do what we do. As women, it is important to balance our love of creating with wisdom and purpose to keep goals and priorities on track as there are so many demands on our time. Through focused effort, we can achieve mastery. Mel Lim offers a simple set of guidelines she calls The Rules of Mastery to help advance
our craft.


Women are creators. We are change agents with real power. Some might say we possess superhero abilities. The tiniest act on our part can have far-reaching impact. As creatives, we play in the world of “what might be” and get to balance scenarios and solutions. We create with integrity and purpose while building our professional credibility, financial stability, and life experiences. If we are bold and wise, we can drive the future toward a more expansive and sustainable way of thinking, doing, and being.


Time, and the infinite ways we choose to spend it, shape one’s life and give it meaning. Being conscious of that limited commodity of time and how we spend it is not enough. We must step into and be fully present within every moment of time. Women especially spend their lives multitasking, achieving through distracted effort. It is time to stop and wherever we are, give whatever we are doing our 100% engagement and attention. Observe, listen, learn, perceive, open to new ideas and experiences, and see in new ways. Being mindful gives life depth and meaning.


Life is a work out! We may grow up dirt poor, fight economic hardship, discrimination and harassment on multiple levels, and feel we have an “unfortunate” life. But we can use those challenges to train our mental and emotional muscles, build stamina, and push ourselves to be formidable, sensational and memorable. Navigating extreme conditions enables us to reinvent ourselves, build resilience and grit, and do amazing things in life.


Achieving financial independence is game changing for women and a key step toward shifting societal perspectives and limiting beliefs. It is important for women who succeed to form or join collaboratives focused on women empowerment. We must act as supporters and mentors and teach other women how to gain fluency in technology, negotiate, choose business partners, and achieve economic, social/cultural, and political empowerment.


In today’s world, technology is integral to every aspect of our lives. Why is it then that in 2015, women held 57% of all professional occupations, but only 25% of computing occupations? In Forbes 30 Under 30 list for Enterprise Tech in 2017, only seven women featured out of 30 nominees. We want to be designing tech, not controlled by it. Yet, fewer women attend STEM schools. The stigma of male dominated fields must be shed. Women who are operating in Tech must share their voices and passion for technology. More women speakers are needed to help inspire and empower women to become active in the tech sector.

Challenging Assumptions - Empowering Potential

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Branding, the cultivation of an ideal and saleable image, is no longer the sole domain of corporations, celebrities, and politicians. It is now also the purview of the individual. Learn key approaches to telling the story of YOU. We live in a world of unprecedented access and virtual transparency. Explore strategies for cultivating, sharing, and managing your personal brand.


Learn how to cultivate mindful techniques that promote reflection on innovation, excellence, and the application of new methods. Assess if your client has realized new opportunities, what your pre- and post-design numbers are, and if you have delivered on expectations: your client’s, yours, or both. Consider how best to
move forward. 


There are no cookie-cutter strategies. What works brilliantly for one company may not yield the same results for another, even if they share similar goals, markets, or resources. Explore tips for staying nimble and cultivating fluid strategies. Become one with your branding as it defies set formulas to evolve and adapt to the ever-changing market. 


Aspiration and joyful satisfaction are intrinsic drives. They are the common denominators of all effort, beginning with design and extending to the client and user experience. What is created externally mirrors the internal landscape. Discover why understanding the whole requires learning to engage in empathic internal and external communication across cultures, teams, clients, and customers.


True entrepreneurs strategize, manage, and redefine life and brands through rule breaking. Being an entrepreneur is about constantly dreaming new dreams, recalibrating one’s vision, taking risks, innovating new ideas, and taking the journey. Toss complacency. Become a revolutionary, a game changer, and a force for new ideas that change the world.


Designing an exceptional customer experience requires vision and dimensional thinking. Get the broad view of CX design architecture, understanding that consumer experience begins at the very inception of the product / service and continues even after it is discarded. Learn the importance of establishing a blueprint or a framework to cover this wide spectrum, and prioritize and allocate variables such as funds and human resources based on company objectives.

“ ”

I really appreciated your story and I am so grateful to you for sharing it with me. I feel there is a universal story—and it’s always the same. It’s about a person—someone like you and me—waking up one day and saying, ‘I want something more. I believe I can do something meaningful/important/different. But I must move—go somewhere I’ve never been before to realize this potential, to fill this hunger.’


And so we go to a new place. And we work hard. And we eat bitterness and endure sleeplessness, hunger and discouragement, performing with no net, hanging on tightly to our vision of something more. Every single day trying to decide what to keep from our old life and what to abandon. Making painful choices. Making a way out of no way at all. Then success. Then the question of how much of my story do I want to tell and to whom. Because it is a precious story of building a life out of one’s own imagination. And the wisdom that comes from struggle.


We don’t want anyone learning the wrong lessons, or making the wrong assumptions. Our story is our own personal treasure and it is the one thing we don’t owe the world. We choose when and how we make a gift of our story and our wisdom.


—Angela Blanchard, CEO of BakerRipley, commenting on Mel Lim sharing her personal story on adversities, failures, and ambition.


Futurum Forum | Creating Through Adversity

July 30, 2020 | 11am - 1pm PST

Creating Through Adversity

Hosted by Maspira Groupe | Sponsored by Power Flower

Futurum Forum | Defining The New Normal

April 23, 2020 | 11am - 1pm PST

Defining The New Normal

Hosted by Maspira Groupe

July 18th, 2019

Mel Lim — speaker panel at the Women In Tech virtual conference hosted by Remo

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