Kuala Lumpur - Power Beauty


May 6th, 2019


When: Wednesday March 6th, 3.00pm

Where: St. Regis Kuala Lumpur

Hosted by Poesy Prize

​This is the inaugural Power Beauty event to kickstart a global sisterhood, funded by Andrew Heng, Group Managing Partner of Baker Tilly Malaysia.

"Influential women for impact making. This is an intellectual exchange of thought leadership, skills, & knowledge sharing.”

1) Ginger Dhaliwal-Ancone, USA
Co-founder of UpFlex
Ginger Dhaliwal is a seasoned entrepreneur with 15 years of success with startups. She has led the product development of several disruptive patented technologies in the healthcare, e-commerce, and fashion industries in Asia, Canada, and the USA. Ginger is the Co- Founder of Upflex (www.upflex.com), a solution that helps companies become more flexible and scalable to address the needs of the new distributed workforce. Ginger currently resides in New York City and sits on several advisory boards including Spark Labs (www.spark-labs.co) New York based expansion platform that helps international companies expand into the USA market.
Question: You have been building startups in several continents since before startups were even a thing. Please share your observations of the changes in this landscape and how has it disrupted the business world? How do you spot talent when you hire? Do you work better with men or women and why? In your personal capacity, you collect extraordinary people. What do you look out for?

2) Mel Lim, USA
Strategist, speaker, author, award-winning designer
Mel Lim is global technology storyteller and strategy consultant. Her success of growing and scaling companies has positioned her as one of the most sought after consultants in the tech & software startup scene. Traditionally trained in architecture, this Malaysian- born Chinese immigrant, single mother and serial entrepreneur from humble beginnings began her career designing retail centres, casinos, stadiums, and hotels in Asia, Europe and the USA. Mel went on to found an innovation strategy & design agency that has garnered hundreds of industry accolades. Recognising her knack for building businesses and products, Mel took her hybrid international background in design and strategy, and accelerated technology startups to multimillion dollar, revenue generating enterprises positioning them as market leaders, global brands and some of the fastest growing, most innovative tech companies in the world. Her current and past clients include well-known names like Varonis, Axure, LeEco, Tata, Intel, Comcast, and Zeeto.

Mel is currently the President of Maspira Groupe, a startup consultancy focusing on product development and growth strategies. She serves on multiple advisory boards, and lectures worldwide on crafting innovative experiences through mindfulness. Mel recently completed a book entitled Turtle Design in a Rabbit Age. Published by CRC Press, her book offers a platform to help people achieve equanimity and find meaning in their work and lives through mindfulness, and companies to craft value by reframing their approach to impact creation and experience design. Always in motion, Mel commutes between sunny San Diego and NYC, and teaches her two boys how to draw like pros.
Question: What are the key ingredients that made you different and good in what you do?

3) Dr. Elizabeth Lee, Malaysia @elee618
Senior Executive Director
Sunway Education Group and Sunway University
A veteran educationalist, Elizabeth Lee (Dr) with a Master of Philosophy (MPhil) in Education from the University of Cambridge, serves on various boards including the National Higher Education Research Institute (IPPTN) and MERCY Malaysia. She is a member in the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) Council and is Chair for the MQA Disciplinary and Finance Committees, besides being a life-time but non-serving Elder at the St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church of Kuala Lumpur.


As a thought leader, she has spoken internationally at the Harvard Business School, Universities of Cambridge and Oxford and the Malaysia-UK Diamond Jubilee Forum in London. An advocate for women in leadership, she serves on the Trustee Committee of the Chair on Women Leadership, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.

For her exceptional contributions to education in Malaysia, she has been bestowed honorary doctorates by the University of Nottingham and Victoria University, and received many awards including the coveted inaugural Sin Chew Educationalist of the Year (2019), Women Entrepreneur in Canadian Education by the Malaysia Canada Business Council (MCBC), the Malaysian Chinese Women of Excellence Award in Education by Wanita MCA and the Education Leadership Awards at the World Education Congress Global Awards in Mumbai.
Question: What do you see as the future of education? Where is it heading?

4) Jasmine Ng, Malaysia
NEM, co-founder of Epic Homes
Jasmine Ng is the Director of Investments and Strategy at NEM Malaysia, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of NEM io Foundation. NEM.io Foundation is an IT foundation that owns the NEM blockchain technology. They are pioneers of an open source & community based blockchain technology that is now used by enterprises, universities and governments utilising advanced cryptography in executing transactions that spans across the internet. She is also the co-founder and advisor to EPIC Homes (a social enterprise that builds houses for the poor). In Jasmine’s last assignment in the banking industry, she was head of Group Digital, Strategic Digital Alliances and Project Management Office for Maybank Group. Amongst her functions, she use to oversee the bank’s strategic digital alliances like AliPay and Samsung Pay, implementation of the bank’s digital projects and was instrumental in the launches of Maybank Pay, Samsung Pay and AliPay for the banking group. Jasmine has over 20 years of experience in the financial services sector. Her senior level assignments include the setting up of corporate & consumer financial services contact centres, credit card merchant businesses, overseeing the card business regionalisation programmes, creating alliances with synergies for organisations and providing consultancy to the C-suites. Jasmine loves to share her passion for business through her roles as mentor, investor and active business consultant to various startups that operate in the hospitality, waste management and social enterprise businesses. She is very attached to her values and believes strongly in economic empowerment through business. She believes strongly in investing in the youth of today by helping them to maximise their individual potential for the future. Jasmine is also a co-founder of a social enterprise called EPIC Homes which focuses on building relationships between the urban and rural divide through the activity of building homes for under privileged Malaysians.
Questions: Why did you jump out of banking and decide to move to blockchain?
Which industry is more sexist (or seemingly more sexist)? The banking sector or the blockchain industry? Examples would be great (without names).

5) Jessica Chuah, Malaysia
Risk management & blockchain
Jessica Chuah is a risk practitioner with a demonstrated history of working in financial services industry in particularly Financial Technology. She is skilled in internal audit, risk management, and corporate financial reporting, and is well-versed with FSA, IFSA, AMLA and Capital Markets & Services Act. She built her career around the risk management sector and has worked for two of the big four audit firms as well as HSBC. She is currently the Chief Compliance Officer in UDAX, a blockchain-based digital assets exchange.


A graduate from Manchester Business School, she holds a Bachelors of Law (LLB) from University of London and earned her ACCA accreditation. Her interest in the distributed ledger technology brings her to be active in the blockchain ecosystem. She is passionate in cultivating and creating a culture of compliance within the blockchain space.
Jessica is a gym fanatic and likes to promote healthy living. She helps women with efficient, limited equipment, at-home workouts to reach their fitness goals. Jessica acknowledge that a healthy body equals a healthy mind.
Questions: Do you have any guesses as to who Satoshi Nakamoto could be and does it matter at all from a risk management point of view in the whole cryptocurrency landscape or mindscape?

6) Jenna Beh Huey Ching, Malaysia
Fintech, Lawtech & Ecosystem Building
Jenna specialises in regulated tech and as a Fintech & Innovation expert. She is also named as one of the Top 14 Fintech Influencer in Malaysia & Top 100 Women in Fintech. Jenna has experience in entrepreneurship experience & has been sharing her experience as a global speaker (eg: Silicon Valley and most recently IMLC 2018). Jenna was from the Fintech team in MDEC (Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation), building the fintech ecosystem in Malaysia working with experts, regulators, financial institutions, accelerator, investors, startups/scaleups and academic institutions. She was an Advocate and Solicitor previously as partner of a law firm handling cases in the fields of corporate, litigation, human rights and family law. She has also dabbled in the startup space and in project management to understand the bridge between the tech world and legal arena. Currently, Jenna is Director for Tech Law Sdn Bhd and shaping the lawtech ecosystem nationwide, building a robust and sustainable ecosystem. She also has trained lawyers, pupils and students in coding, technology and innovation workshop throughout Malaysia.
Questions: Why fintech/regulated tech? Being the youngest powerhouse amongst us today, what is your version of an ideal woman? How do you imagine yourself striking the balance between corporate life, impact work and domestic affairs?

7) Carolina Correa, Belgium
Brand strategist
Carolina Correa (Belgium) is an expert in brand strategist, marketing, PR & communications. She has more than 10 years experience, working with global and international corporates & startups such as fintech, logistics, blockchain, ecommerce, luxury brands and financial industry. She has worked with clients from all over the world from Malaysian fintechs, to American challenger brands, European government initiatives and Australian investment portfolios. One of her passion is to align her clients and partners to position themselves competitively in a market place. Her strategy and execution is tied with rigorous analysis and creative innovation to uncover a brand’s personality, identify their market position and reach audiences to stay ahead of the curve. Carolina is very active in the startup community having organised the first Startup Weekend in Antwerp (Belgium), and growing an Entrepreneurship & Innovation community to over 2000 members spanning across 5 cities in Europe. She draws her experience and clientele from different parts of continents and countries, such as Belgium, USA, Portugal, Croatia, Hungary, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and now Malaysia.
Questions: Why did you choose branding /design strategy area of work which didn’t fall into your academic training? Why did you choose to come to Malaysia with your exposure in US/Europe/Thailand?

8) Low Ngai Yuen, Malaysia
Film Director. Founder of Women:Girls, Kakiseni.
Low Ngai Yuen is a multiple award winning workaholic. An activist in the arts, culture, blended learning, access to technology and sustainability, Yuen is heavily involved in many a city-liveability and placemaking initiatives that increases productivity and citizen- initiated. To date, she has mentored more than 100 start-ups and has been a passionate social entrepreneur herself, running businesses to support two causes: the 15 year old Kakiseni that champions the arts and its advocacy; as well as founding WOMENgirls, an NGO dedicated to remind women as role models to younger girls to achieve their potentials. She is also the CEO for efm.live and emag.live – both as technology, innovation and entrepreneurship platforms with Global Entrepreneurship Movement Association, a registered NGO that enables global market access. Known also as an acclaimed film producer, director and TV veteran, Yuen also sits on the National Consultative Panel for Productive Culture Development with the Malaysian Productivity Corporation. 2019 will be the year Yuen releases the acclaimed social film on humanity called Orang Itu that scored a 10/10 from film critic, Tan Sri Johan Jaafar in The Star and is named the top 5 must watch Malaysian film starring Datin Sofia Jane, Carmen Soo, KK Wong, Namron and Tony Eusoff.
Questions: Building a culture at work- how long does it take to get it right?
You are a mother of four while being a game changer in multiple advocacies in Malaysia. Can you share how you manage your relationships with your family and all the players in your crusade?
Please share with us your secret sauce. What does your support structure look like in your domestic life?

9. Poesy Liang, Malaysia
Interdisciplinary artist, innovator & humanitarian
Poesy Liang is an interdisciplinary artist with a background in architecture, luxury design & media. She is an innovator on the social front, founding 2 movements – Helping Angels
善⾏行天使 & Bald Empathy Movement, and has won numerous media awards in South East Asia for her humanitarian projects. A pioneer in her online visibility since 1999, Poesy is an early adopter of tech. She tagged her art to the blockchain for authentication & provenance, and received bitcoins as a mode of payment since 2015. She is gamifying volunteerism in the augmented reality field and creating an exhibition in virtual reality. Her famous cat Harry Putter has a song, a book, merchandises and appears on Telegram as emoji stickers as well as public murals in various international cities.


Poesy is a speaker on leadership platforms. She defeated paralysis twice caused by spinal tumours, and her survivor story is often retold in the media. Her humanitarian pursuit to solving humanity is through creativity and technology. Poesy started out in the world when she was aged 14 as the Levi’s 501 girl for South East Asia and became a familiar face in Asian television commercials before she reinvented herself into this current form. She grew up to hate reality tv because of the values that are being presented to the world today.
Questions: You juggle many careers and in the past faced some severe life challenges. How did you overcome it with such positivity and emerge as an overachiever? If you were in position as the First Lady of a developing third world nation, which areas would you develop in the lives of its citizens and why? What would you do differently as first lady vs president?

10) Ananti Rajasingam, Malaysia
CEO of Yayasan Chow Kit
Ananti Rajasingam works closely with at-risk children, youth and families in the Chow Kit area of Kuala Lumpur as the CEO of Yayasan Chow Kit (YCK). Since 2006, YCK has cared for over 1000 poor and marginalised children including those from violent families. In her capacity at YCK, Ananti started out as a social worker in 2009 and within was promoted to Chief Operating Officer in 2014. She recently stepped up to take the role of CEO in March 2019. Her current role includes overseeing all departments including two children & youth development centres and a safe home; financing and fundraising; human resource management and policy making; and advocating human rights of marginalised children at the national level. Ananti is a passionate social worker especially in case management and is currently working on replicating the operations at YCK to benefit other growing organisations also protecting at-risk children and youth. Ananti graduated with a Degree in Psychology and a Graduate Diploma in Rehabilitation Counseling from the University of South Australia. In recognition for her tireless efforts in the advocacy to protect marginalized children and youth in Malaysia, Ananti was chosen for the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) -- the U.S. State Department’s premier professional exchange program, and was nominated for Pfizer's 50 Fantabulous Individuals Award. She was also nominated for The Star's Golden Heart Awards and was listed as CLEO Magazine’s Hot Shot.
Questions: What motivated you to become who you are today? What made you give up a more lucrative career? How do we make Malaysia better for all children?

Program :
1. Short introduction, what is your superpower? (3 minutes)
2. Discuss your role in globalisation (90 seconds)
3. Discuss your role in the family (90 seconds)
4. Discuss your role in corporate leadership (90 seconds)
5. How do you impact the world? (90 seconds)

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