August 4th, 2018

How Creating Mindfully Gives Your Work, Designs, and Life Meaning by Mel Lim

Athens, Ohio

Where: Athens Public Library, Raymond C. Cook Meeting Room

Sponsored by the Friends of the Athens Public Library.

Technology cannot replace an artisan’s hands-on processes that give tangible knowledge of one’s craft. True artisans create mindfully and produce quality work at the speed of excellence. The products of thoughtful craftsmanship are uniqueness and integrity, which translate into value and accountability for all that we generate, develop and share.


We welcome Mel Lim as she offers us tidbits from her recent book Turtle Design in a Rabbit Age: Mindfully Crafting Your Meaningful Life & Brands. This presentation will inspire anyone who engages the elusive, free spirit we know as Creativity, and understands how it requires play, tinkering, joy, discovery and patience in order for ideas to come to fruition. Mel seeks to empower people to follow their heart, live authentically and creatively, and find purpose, meaning, value and financial success in all that they do. The challenge for each of us as individuals and creative persons is to understand the value of what we do, demand what we are worth when selling our products and services, and stand by the quality and integrity of what we create in the world. 

TOPICS: Craftsmanship, Technology, Business Ethics, Personal Development

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Once again, thank you for affirming and providing practical know-how for people who want to succeed through their artistic skills and craftsmanship with integrity in this otherwise wasteful age of built-in obsolescence and culture of fickleness. You are playing the role today of the Victorian arts entrepreneur, William Morris, but you are providing a path for the challenges of our own time. We have many talented people in our region who would rather live a stable modest existence by finding a living producing things of lasting quality, rather than going against their own values for the sake of profit and producing disposable, ephemeral work. The culture will come around once again to believing in things that can become an aesthetic legacy to pass on. For one thing we cannot continue to waste the resources of the Earth as we are now doing -- or our future generations will have nothing to work with! I also appreciated that you were a clear and engaging speaker and very receptive and on target with audience questions. Thanks for the great respect you showed all of us.

Todd Bastin
Adult Programming Coordinator/
Art in the Library Coordinator

The Athens Public Library

A Heartfelt Invite

About The Host: Comischell Bradley

Comischell Bradley-Rodriguez | | 858-205-3113

Dear Mel,


Coming home to the Ohio Valley region of the United States after being gone for nearly 30 years is very exciting for me. Exciting, because this is where I became prepared on a cultural, educational, and spiritual level to go out into the world to pursue my dreams. I come home to reunite with the “me” that has been shaped by the ups and downs of the outside world to a place where I feel safe inside the memories of family traditions and legacies of my people who are so rich in spirit, resourcefulness, and grit. 


Leaving a legacy for my three children in this area of the world is important to me. There is value and quality of life that has been born in the trades and craftsmanship that has been passed down for generations. From my perspective, and to quote Mark Twain, “there is gold in them hills!” The quality of the “gold” in the Appalachian mountain area is largely unrecognized because no one understands how to place value on a quilt carefully sewn to tell a story, a piece of furniture crafted from a certain kind of wood over another, or a piece of glass blown with ease and perfection. There is a tendency to apologize for the very imperfections that give character and worth to their craft. All of this you point out in your book, and I am thrilled that you will be coming to my home towns to share your knowledge and wisdom. Thank you!!


I have experience in several industries, but the golden thread that ties everything together is service to others by creating businesses, projects, or programs that solve a problem. This suits my career as a financial services professional because I work with others to strategize and solve financial problems on a daily basis. Most often, I am identifying the value of my clients’ assets in order to work with them to protect and grow what they have accumulated. Helping the people of the Ohio Valley understand their worth, protect and grow it is a mission I would like to embrace, beginning with your visit – and taking you up on your challenge to “start a movement” that recognizes quality!

My activities and experience in both the non-profit and for-profit worlds hold equal significance to me because I have always approached every opportunity to serve others as if I was building a new business. Even the way I ran my household was managed like a business, my children the quality product! As a Capricorn, I suppose this is in my nature – always climbing for improvement and a better view. 

I seek to bring value from my experience and creativity, and work collaboratively with others in my home communities to identify opportunity and fulfill a need that grows financial partnerships. If I can inspire and empower talented women and entrepreneurs, that would be fantastic! Thank you for coming to Athens, Ohio! 

With much love,