Founded: 2014  |  Headquarters: San Diego, California  |  Engagement since 2018


  • Strategically position PlatypusNeuro as THE gold standard in the emerging NeuroPerformance industry

  • Visualize product methodology and technology platform that is still being refined while the company raises funding

  • Tell the story of a revolutionary product in a way that can be communicated effectively to multiple audiences

  • Build product credibility and trust through compelling storytelling across various mediums and platforms


  • Ensure a broader understanding of PlatypusNeuro’s unique offerings and value, and showcase a culture of top researchers, world-class scientists, empowering problem solving and high-value solutions delivered by proprietary, game-changing technology

  • Build corporate credibility to draw investors, partners and B2B customers through new branding showcasing game-changing, world-class brain science and its performance improvement potential across all fields of human endeavor


  • Brand Strategy

  • Roadshow Preparation & Presentation

  • Corporate Brand & Identity Design 

  • Product Branding

  • Corporate Website & Development

  • Content Development

  • Sales Presentations

  • Product UI Design

  • Art Direction, Copywriting (Video)

How Powerful Visuals & Narrative Clarified the Experience of an
Evolving Revolutionary Program

San Diego-based PlatypusNeuro helps the world’s most elite performers unlock their brain’s exponential capacity and optimize the execution and actualization of precision achievements. Composed of a leadership team of top neuroscientists and business leaders, and equipped with more than a decade of work at DARPA, and hundreds-of-millions of dollars in proprietary research and technology, PlatypusNeuro is the global leader in pioneering the potential of neuroplasticity and achieving quantifiable results. PlatypusNeuro’s core mission is to leverage neuroscience to optimize the human brain and enhance cognition, creativity, learning speed, health and even longevity. 


Mel Lim and her team were tasked with some real challenges, as this startup went on its roadshow for fundraising and brought its product to market. Mel was engaged to tell the continuously evolving story of a revolutionary product which is a combination of methodology + visionary technology, and to tell it effectively through different mediums and platforms to various audiences. She had to make the intangible wholly graspable, and visualize how the product would look and feel as it was being developed. In addition to showcasing the innovative product, she needed to strategically position the brand/company as THE gold standard in an emerging NeuroPerformance industry. This assignment, with its constantly morphing market landscape and the limitless potential of the product, presented a plethora of hoops and hurdles to prevail over during the course of six fleeting months. 


Mel started out by doing a sprint strategy session with key stakeholders – a team of world-class neuroscientists and business leaders – in an effort to define and align their company and product vision. She then developed a strong voice and tone, and clear, compelling and credible brand messaging. With a strong narrative in place, Mel and her team proceeded to create a captivating visual language that communicates the brand’s aspirational and monumentally encompassing vision at the intersection of finance, sports, and science. Mel and her team sought to capture the tone and tenor of future potential inlaid with the bombshell message that “the future is now.”. The goal was to make sure that the various audiences, investors and actual elite performers alike, could grasp the immense depth/ capabilities and explosive possibilities of the science and technology behind the product. The thrust of the brand strategy was that the product IS in fact vetted, tried, and tested AND can/will upgrade the human brain. The stuff of science fiction has jettisoned to science fact, and PlatypusNeuro is the next evolutionary step in developing Human 2.0.


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Maspira Groupe has been an incredible partner and a pleasure to work with.  They helped us address some complex brand challenges and really brought our brand to life with fantastic creative and messaging across a number of different mediums - website, video, marketing collateral, etc. Their storytelling ability is excellent. They developed a strong narrative for the brand and developed a compelling visual and captivating voice and tone. In addition, Maspira visualized what our product should look like from a design and functionality perspective while we were building it. Their responsiveness and turnaround time is unparalleled, even with some very tight and last-minute deadlines.  Maspira is truly a fantastic partner. I would highly recommend them.  


— Jamie Gallo, COO at PlatypusNeuro