Turtle Design In A Rabbit Age

Turtle Design In A Rabbit Age


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  • Unleash Your Inner Turtle

    This book (three years in the making) began as a 30-minute keynote address that I delivered at a conference. In that address, I asked the audience, “How do you design meaning?” I wanted to know if we can transform the way we approach value creation by looking at the essence of value itself: time, money, and true meaning/happiness. 

    I began my research by investigating companies and brands, from two-century-old brands to startups. I explored how and what we lose when we choose automation over artisanship, quantity over quality, and expediency over mindfulness. This book examines what gives meaning to life and to experiences. It is designed to help all creators—entrepreneurs, builders, designers, visionaries, and doers—develop a deep sense of awareness, so that they can manifest dreams and ideas with positive impact. It explores the process of developing equanimity and grace, and a true sense of self. It teaches the importance of understanding your own value, before you can help others create. This book is about doing what is “right” and maybe at times difficult, as opposed to what is expedient, because the outcome goes beyond reaping profits or short-term rewards and encompasses results that are scalable and that positively impact our world. 

    Some of the key brands featured in this book:
    • Baume et Mercier
    • Extraordinary Desserts
    • Mindtouch
    • Axure
    • Tatcha
    • Chanel
    • The American Dream Show
    To name a few….

    For business/brands, you will gain important insights:

    • how to build great brands, products and services that bring deep meaning and joy to customers/clients
    • how to build brands for longevity and impact through craftsmanship and authenticity
    • how to scale brands through mindful storytelling

    For individuals, you can use this book as your personal compass:

    • how to find joy in focus amidst distraction and noise
    • how to discover your own value, and manifest your dreams
    • how to create mindful and meaningful change in your life and the lives of others 
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    • Paperback: 240 pages
    • Publisher: Routledge; 1 edition (May 18, 2018)
    • Language: English
    • ISBN-10: 1138542512
    • ISBN-13: 978-1138542518
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