Founded: 2008  |  Headquarters: Santa Clara, CA  |  Engagement 2016


  • Position Savari as the global leader and innovator in V2X technology

  • Identify what differentiates Savari from its competitors and define the brand’s
    unique value

  • Build support, trust, and commitment


  • Ensure a broader understanding of Savari’s unique value and showcase a culture of professionalism

  • Build corporate credibility for an expanding audience of investors, partners, B2B customers, and competitors through new branding and website design


  • Corporate Brand & Identity Design

  • Color Palette

  • Business System (Business Cards, Letterhead, Envelope)

  • PowerPoint Presentation

  • Website Design

  • Website Development

How Setting a Visual Tone Elevates Brand Experience and Builds Credibility

Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, and with offices in Detroit, Michigan; Seoul, Korea; and Bangalore, India, Savari possesses more than 150 man-years of V2X learning and development and 15 million-plus miles per year of public testing. The company is comprised of a core team of industry veterans from the automotive, semiconductor, software and telecommunications industries. Savari partners with automotive OEMs, system integrators, chipset vendors and industry groups like the U.S. Department of Transportation.


Design work for Savari included Corporate Brand and Identity, Visual Tone and Color Palette, Business System (Business Cards, Letterhead, Envelopes), PowerPoint Presentation, Website Design and Development. Excited by the opportunity to refresh both the Savari brand and website, Mel and her team sought to respectfully reflect the company’s substantial accomplishments and shine light on the bright future awaiting it. 


As Savari already had strong brand recognition within their field, the main goal was to ensure they were perceived as a substantial and enduring company. Mindful that potential clients with long production cycles, such as car manufacturers, want to know their vendors/partners will be around 10+ years after technology is installed in their product, Savari wanted to communicate assurance that they will be around for a long time.  Given their ever-evolving technology, safety and security are their primary goals for the long term.


Focusing on what differentiates Savari from its competitors, Mel Lim worked to clearly articulate a unique positioning statement that would set Savari apart as the global leader and innovator in V2X technology. In order to increase brand awareness in a rapidly expanding global market, Mel sought to go beyond simply showcasing Savari’s professionalism and implement a brand refresh that would ensure understanding of Savari’s unique value. Strategically, the new brand refresh would serve to build corporate credibility among an audience of investors, partners, business-to-business customers and competitors.


The overall website aesthetic combines a modern, layered depth with subtle gradients. Mel and her team designed and built 10 Wordpress template pages that empower Savari to manage all website content. A Wordpress Website Training Guide was created that covers basic edits, an introduction on SEO and Google Analytics, and specific guidelines on image resolution recommendations.


In concepting the logo design, Mel focused on the letter “S.” At first glance, the logo reflects its namesake “Savari,” which represents “journey” in India. Designed to be lean and straightforward, the "S" in the logo symbolizes a road encompassed by a protective circle. That enclosure represents safety, a priority focus of Savari who believes that safety supercedes the vehicle. The open notch suggests the future, technology, and extended vision and the opportunity to see things you can’t. The “S” suggests simplicity, a balance of modern immediacy with future versatility, and a balance of organic and structured. Mindful of the logo’s simplicity, Mel carefully examined how this unique mark would be used — on hardware, software, printed collateral and digital applications, in horizontal and stacked applications, and as an icon logo itself.


Savari’s brand refresh will help evolve the company’s business goals and aspirations as it connects users and customers to the brand at both an experiential and authentic level. Chief Operating Officer Paul Sakamoto hailed the refresh as a necessary move in asserting the brand’s industry leadership, and he praised Mel and her team for excellence in design and execution.


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Our company is the leader in the development of a a revolutionary area of traffic safety technologies called V2X (Vehicle to Everything). We decided that our overall “look”, especially our online presence, really didn’t make our leadership very obvious at all. Mel Lim and her team worked hard with us to find out what our tech actually does, what impression we are looking for and who we need to reach with it. Then, they executed rapidly and reliably while getting our feedback along the way. This has resulted in an awesome image and presence re-boot for our company that makes it look like the leader it is.

—Paul Sakamoto, COO