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  • Create a memorable brand experience in a very crowded and competitive cybersecurity space

  • Communicate effectively, through visual storytelling and copywriting, the technology and methodology of the Semperis platform, all of which are central to the Active Directory space

  • Tell the story of a hi-tech, revolutionary cybersecurity product in a way that can be communicated effectively to multiple audiences

  • Build product credibility and trust through impactful and effective copywriting and strong visuals


  • Ensure a broader understanding of Semperis’s unique, cutting-edge technology solutions designed for utility and the concise purpose of preserving the security and health of digital environments.

  • Build corporate credibility to draw investors, partners and B2B customers through new branding that showcases visionary quantum technology on target to be the signature preemptive solution for Active Directory governance and control.

  • Tell the story of a hi-tech, revolutionary cybersecurity product in a way that can be communicated effectively to multiple audiences

  • Build product credibility and trust through impactful and effective copywriting and strong visuals


  • Corporate Brand & Identity Design

  • UX and UI / Corporate Website Design

  • Content Strategy & Copywriting

  • Art Direction

How Refining a Brand Message and Creating Strong, Impactful Visuals Generated Distinction in a Competitive Cybersecurity Environment

World-class expertise and patent-pending technology make New York-based Semperis the global enterprise choice in identity-driven enterprise protection from cyberattacks and breaches and in Active Directory remediation. The rise of ransomware, wiper attacks and vulnerabilities created through scattered hybrid identities all present critical challenges to corporate data security today. Semperis’s customer-vetted technology, trusted around the globe, ensures the integrity and continuity of every client’s digital infrastructure and operations.


Mel Lim and her team were tasked with the challenge of creating strong, memorable and impactful visuals that would help Semperis stand out in the very crowded and competitive cybersecurity environment. Every single detail on each and every page needed to be intrinsic to the brand expression and not simply a random graphic. The immediate effect of the graphics was to convey a sense of urgency and a compelling visual argument that customers should be using Semperis. Every line, each layer of color, all were carefully designed and executed to demonstrate the robust and substantive cybersecurity platform offered by Semperis. In the complex, futuristic world of ensuring data integrity, the visuals position Semperis as the industry leader, delivering pre-emptive solutions while empowering clients with end-to-end system protection that is simple, automatic, and fast.


Mel began by meeting with key company executives and consultants in an effort to define and refine Semperis’s mission, vision, values, key messages and brand promise. She then developed a clear voice and tone, and appropriate visuals to convey the brand personality. The graphics communicate pulse, frequency, and a highly attuned and sensitive, monitoring watchfulness that feels charted, measured, and mathematical. They suggest the translation of information chaos into organized, understandable sound bytes. This new brand positioning and presence convey the brand’s key differentiators: the ability of a small startup to amass a world-class expert team; the intelligent application of ingenious, patent-pending technology; the precise execution of proven methodology; the earning of merited trust through superior responsiveness and reliability; and the assurance of ongoing productivity and total infrastructure security.


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Mel and her team collaborated closely with Semperis to help with our marketing activities. They listened deeply, were exceptionally responsive, and helped us craft a website that effectively communicates our technology and methodology through visual storytelling and smart copywriting. Mel worked diligently, helping us explore ways of describing our products that are unique to Semperis. I am happy to recommend Mel and look forward to working with her again in the future.

— Mickey Bresman, CEO of Semperis


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