International Women's Day Keynote with Mel Lim


May 7th, 2019

When: Thursday March 7th, 6.30pm

Where: Walkers Singapore

Hosted by IWIRC

Dear Members and Friends of IWIRC Singapore:


We are delighted to welcome Mel Lim, a CEO, a successful serial entrepreneur, a global strategist, a keynote speaker, an author, and an award-winning designer as our guest speaker.
Mel is currently the President of Maspira Groupe, a startup consultancy focusing on product development and growth strategies. She serves on multiple advisory boards, and lectures worldwide on crafting innovative experiences through mindfulness. Mel recently completed a book entitled Turtle Design in a Rabbit Age. Published by CRC Press, her book offers a platform to help people achieve equanimity and find meaning in their work and lives through mindfulness, and companies to craft value by reframing their approach to impact creation and experience design. She is also a Forbes Woman and a 2014 winner of the World Women Leadership Congress’s Women Leadership Achievement Award. 

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Mel Lim, you were truly inspiring and I have so many lessons to learn from you. Your resilience, your grit, your charisma, your positive outlook. Very much looking forward to reading your book!


Mei Yin Tan, Partner at Oon & Bazul LLP | Co-Chairperson and founding member of IWIRC Singapore