In Every Phase of Your Business

Every business has its individual reason for being, and is born within a singular context, with its own set of goals and challenges, measures of success, and possible inhibiting factors. As businesses continue to evolve, they encounter situations and demands, both internally and externally, that stretch them in new ways, compel change and innovation, and sometimes take them in

surprising directions. 


Whether a business is seeking to bring a new product or service online, wants to explore a new avenue of growth, or is simply reacting to an industry, economic, or environmental crisis, new experiences and insights offer opportunities to reenvision business potential, set new goals, foster new relationships, and pursue new activities.

Mel Lim Innovation Strategy


Why Mel Lim?

Strategy is an art that is learned, practiced, and refined continuously. Mel Lim has lived life, personally and professionally, employing systematic approaches to addressing challenges, understanding situations, and making optimal decisions. As a serial entrepreneur, Mel knows firsthand how the businesses we create are living, breathing entities working to survive in the world, and require the guidance of sustainable strategies and agile processes to fit changing markets and client demands. Aligning design and business goals, creating value, viewing failure as a stepping stone to success, and inspiring others are essential components. Ultimately, the best way to succeed is to advance your position in a way that puts you above reproach and has people wanting to join you. From her own success to the success of countless brands and startups with which she has worked, Mel Lim helps companies develop strategies that balance multiple creative forces, human issues and systems in order to advance new perspectives and flourish in a dynamic world.

Service Offerings

Scaling for growth in an era of epic change has its challenges. We take our clients through mindful reflection to strategize holistically for growth. Considerations include examining impediments factors such as internal cultures and complexities, resources, global market trends, and technology. We implement a human-centered design approach and help leading organizations improve business practices, transform their brand experience, discover new opportunities, catalyze innovation, and design robust sustainable growth systems.


Innovative strategies can transform brands from “startups” to world-class organizations. Mel Lim’s carefully crafted processes help brands align their creative vision, business objectives, opportunities and strategies in order to claim market leadership, build brand value and improve their image. Mel works closely with brands to leverage design thinking and customer journey mapping, establish go-to-market strategies and business models, define key messaging and brand experience, establish UX goals and principles and much more, to increase brand value and customer satisfaction.


The Secret Sauce


Startups are a different breed. They have unique sets of challenges with ever changing needs. Hence the birth of Maspira Groupe. At MG, we wet nurse dragons to empower you to take your startup to the next level. Together with our hive of industry experts, investors, entrepreneurs, and mentors, we are poised to help you craft your ideas, connect to the right people, and ascend to the next phase. 



“ ”

Simply smart! Working with such an amazing talent has many benefits—less time wasted and more amazing results. I completely trust Mel with all my design/branding works and I am extremely happy with her vision and direction. She gets my highest recommendation.


— Scott Im, CEO of Agora Churrascaria

Our company is the leader in the development of a a revolutionary area of traffic safety technologies called V2X (Vehicle to Everything). We decided that our overall “look”, especially our online presence, really didn’t make our leadership very obvious at all. Mel Lim and her team worked hard with us to find out what our tech actually does, what impression we are looking for and who we need to reach with it. Then, they executed rapidly and reliably while getting our feedback along the way. This has resulted in an awesome image and presence re-boot for our company that makes it look like the leader it is.


Paul Sakamoto, COO of Savari

Working with Mel is an absolute pleasure. We had a goal to update all of our corporate branding and imagery. We wanted everything to tie together and to “tell a story”. A large part of our project was to create new event properties. Mel listened to our thoughts, asked the right questions and brought our vision to life. Our tradeshow booths always draw crowds and compliments. They are an extension of our online presence and are very welcoming.


— Caroline Kinlin, Director of Marketing at Varonis