Founded: 2005  |  Headquarters: New York City, New York  |  Engagement since 2012


  • How do we humanize Varonis?

  • How to claim market leadership and get the public to know, trust, and be invested?

  • How to get internal team members of 800 people, across the globe, to be unified on the brand stance and promise?

  • How to build investors' confidence?

  • How to build brand value?

  • How to create a consistent tone and voice for the brand so that it translates into all assets including its own products and service offerings, via all channels and platforms?

  • How do we turn customers into Varonis champions? 


  • Leveraged design thinking and customer journey mapping to identify pain points, bottlenecks, traditional silos, and opportunities for improvement across business units and teams 

  • Leveraged the brand's newly developed stance and promise across all product platforms, sales channels, and internal teams 

  • Built a strong community platform to ensure customer advocacy — allowing customers to take an active role in shaping the future of brand's product offerings

  • Uncovered compelling insights about unmet customer needs (external), internal communication work flows, and developed a CX framework to test and address those challenges


  • Roadshow Preparation & Presentation

  • Corporate Brand & Identity Design 

  • Product Branding

  • Corporate Guidelines

  • Customer Journey Mapping

  • UX & UI Design & Guidelines (Corporate Website)

  • Software UI Design & Guidelines

  • Content Development

  • Digital Strategy

  • Social Media Campaigns

  • Integrated Marketing Campaigns

  • Sales Presentations

  • Channel Marketing

  • Tradeshow Collateral & Booth Designs

  • Community Platform

How Design Strategies & A Brand Rehaul Lead To A Strong IPO

Varonis, a pioneer in data security and analytics, engaged Mel Lim to build brand value and craft a strong pathway to IPO.  In today’s information age, organizations generate massive amounts of data in the form of documents, spreadsheets, presentations, media files, email, and other business data. Approximately 80% of that data is unstructured, and that amount will grow by 650% in the next five years. Varonis is an industry leader in helping organizations manage and protect their unstructured and semi-structured data. The company helps businesses answer critical questions including who owns the data, who has access or should have access to it, who abuses their access, etc.

Varonis was referred to Mel Lim in August of 2012 and soon discovered that simplifying the complex is her specialty. As a global industry leader with innovative and reliable software solutions, Varonis needed help unifying their numerous products under a single strong brand. Mel Lim and her team set about the task of helping Varonis assess their brand, define their “story,” discern their brand attributes, personality and tone, and establish a brand positioning with key messages, goals, measurements, and a visual direction. Because the nature of the brand is so data and technology focused, Mel felt it was necessary for Varonis to remind itself and its users of the human element in all of it. Varonis deals with Human Generated Data that is used by and for people. The next step in the overarching branding strategy following the establishment of the brand identity was to help unify all the products under the brand.


With multiple layers of user groups and cross-platform concerns, Mel developed strategic design solutions that elevate and distinguish Varonis from its competitors. Brand Guidelines were then created to offer clarity on how to implement the brand system internally and externally, and deliver humanized content that is accessible, engaging, and thought provoking. The guidelines empower users to protect and promote the Varonis brand while delivering appropriate brand messages.

Mel and her team carried the Varonis brand forward throughout a variety of brand elements and collateral including iconography, stationery, thank you cards and envelopes, holiday cards, partner logos, product logos, product datasheets, white papers, co-branded materials, posters, ad campaigns, email and landing pages, email signatures, PowerPoint and Word templates, Google and GigaOM ads, web images, social media images, the Metadata Framework, and the Human Generated Data video. All of these pieces reflect a unified brand expression and strategy that empowers Varonis to effectively build their brand equity and better serve their vendors, partners and users in leading firms across financial services, public, healthcare, energy & utilities, industrial, technology, consumer and retail, education and media & entertainment sectors.

The Varonis brand flourished, and the company felt it was time to take yet another big strategic leap and go public. Working with Varonis to prepare for their initial public offering on February 28, 2014, Mel and her team designed videos for the Varonis Times Square Tower Marquee signs that would be part of the NASDAQ bell ringing ceremony. This was a huge moment, and every aspect of the Brand’s visual identity needed to be right to arrest attention, generate intrigue, and promote investor confidence. At the NASDAQ Opening Bell ceremony on that eventful morning, both Varonis and their MLD design team took great pride in the brand’s bold visual entry into the stock market. A wide audience viewed the Varonis brand campaign in Times Square that morning, creating great exposure for the Varonis brand, and kicking off the company’s successful public launch.

Since 2012, Mel Lim has and continues to offer Varonis a full suite of design and consulting services. After the company went public, Mel designed 30+ tradeshow booths across four continents. Adept and versatile, Mel worked with C-Suite on their sales annual kickoffs, and investor relations presentations, coordinated with Varonis engineering teams in Israel, and provided all the digital and campaign materials to the New York City sales and marketing team. Digital security is a fluid and evolving industry, and Varonis has grown and shifted focus in keeping with the market’s rapidly changing needs and demands. Mel Lim has been there lockstep, addressing changes in the marketing landscape, such as the shift from data governance to insider threat detection, with refreshed identity, new annual campaigns and appropriate visuals.


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Mel Lim and her team helped us ask the right questions early on so that we could understand where we needed to go, and then partnered with us every step of the way to get there. Their willingness and ability to explore, listen and provide insightful feedback have been invaluable.


David Gibson, CMO at Varonis

Working with Mel is an absolute pleasure. We had a goal to update all of our corporate branding and imagery. We wanted everything to tie together and to “tell a story”. A large part of our project was to create new event properties. Mel listened to our thoughts, asked the right questions and brought our vision to life. Our tradeshow booths always draw crowds and compliments. They are an extension of our online presence and are very welcoming.


— Caroline Kinlin, Director of Marketing at Varonis