August 2nd, 2018

Succeeding Mindfully with Impact and Influence by Mel Lim

Athens, Ohio

Hosted By:

Where: West Virginia Library Commission, Charleston
Moderater: Comischell Bradley

Hosted by West Virginia Women in Business and West Virginia Library Commission.

As a woman, mother, immigrant, and CEO, Mel has a deep awareness of what is required for women to succeed in today’s world. She knows firsthand the gifts and sacrifices that come with striving to “have it all.”. As a mother of two young sons, she is acutely aware of the importance of modeling noble values to her children, such as doing what is right over what is easy, diligently focusing on one’s work, meeting challenges with a positive mindset, and consciously enriching the lives we touch and the environments we impact. Mel will discuss the characteristics that distinguish individuals who care to breathe quality, originality and integrity into their daily efforts. She will examine the importance of recognizing and cultivating one’s personal power. Finally, Mel will offer strategies for value creation and how the balance of time, happiness and money form the nexus of meaning, and are at the core of the “why” in all that we do.

TOPICS: Women in Business, Leadership, Business Ethics, Personal Development