Founded: 2010  |  Headquarters: San Diego, CA  |  Engagement 2017

Investor Deck: Connections That Count

Zeeto masters the art of the question and brings depth and insight into turning interactions and points of contact into monetized connections. Zeeto’s innovative technology captures and cultivates the potential within every visit to a publisher’s site, respects the time, savvy and privacy of site visitors, and empowers publishers and advertisers to optimize and monetize those interactions and realize a higher conversion rate.


Visitors to a publisher’s site are proactively asked smart questions that aren’t limited to the content or context of the publisher’s site. Based on the visitor’s answers, relevant ads are displayed, allowing advertisers to extend their reach to a broad range of publishers. This plug and play platform helps publishers discover high-value, high-demand data points with great revenue potential at zero risk while focusing on their core mission. 

Mel Lim helped Zeeto create a Pitch Deck for investors introducing the company’s new answer-graph monetization platform benefitting Publishers and Advertisers. The Pitch needed to accomplish several goals:


– Define the innovation stagnation around the traffic monetization problem Zeeto is solving for clients and show how Zeeto cuts through the exponentially increasing data refuse pile to extract actionable data.


– Demonstrate how Zeeto offers advertisers good ROI inventory, and how the question-driven platform produces ads yielding ten times the return of traditional ad networks.


– Communicate the value to publishers and advertisers alike with technology that is easy to implement, gives control over the visitor’s experience, provides comprehensive reporting, and offers a lucrative revenue source.


– Highlight Zeeto’s vision of inspiring a world-wide wave of online innovation while funding and empowering Content Creators, Developers and Entrepreneurs and accelerating internet growth in ways that are respectful to visitors and profitable to advertisers.


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Mel and her team were incredibly helpful at taking my convoluted thoughts on the technology we are building and turning them into a short, succinct message that explains our company. This is the first time we have been able to distill what we do down to an elevator pitch (albeit a long elevator ride) and it's been immensely helpful. We are looking forward on collaborating with Mel as the company grows and evolves to continue having a sharp story to tell the world.

— Stephan Goss, CEO