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Keynotes, Executive Roundtables, Workshops, and Webinars

Mel Lim is represented by AAE Speakers, a full-service speakers bureau and talent agency. 

Metaverse/ XR

The XR Metaverse has arrived and the stakes are high. Pivot NOW. Transform your 2-D brand presence into the 3-D virtual world. Learn to leverage immersive tech (VR/AR/XR/NFTs/Metaverse) in a tactical way that is aligned with strategic priorities and brand vision to facilitate customer engagement and brand storytelling. Level up to the tech revolution transforming the global economy, every industry, human interaction, and society itself.

Innovation Strategy

Learn how to cultivate mindful techniques that promote reflection on innovation, excellence, and the application of new methods. Assess if your client has realized new opportunities, what your pre- and post-design numbers are, and if you have delivered on expectations: your client’s, yours, or both. Consider how best to move forward.

Brand Strategy

Brilliant brands are the product of mindful craftsmanship. Brands that envision the future are leveraging tech to build enthusiasm, and increase demand, value and loyalty. Develop 360º brand awareness and move your brand forward at the speed of tech with our carefully crafted processes that help you align creative vision, strategies, business objectives and growth opportunities. Exercise adaptability and extend beyond your industry in this world of multi-dimensional access and virtual transparency. We’ll help you calculate scalability, establish go-to-market strategies, define key messaging, refine your brand experience and set CX and UX goals for ultimate customer satisfaction.

Experience Design

There are no cookie-cutter strategies in this age of digital transformation and the creation of infinite worlds. What works brilliantly for one company may not yield the same results for another, even if they share similar goals, markets, or resources. Explore tips for staying nimble and cultivating fluid strategies while adapting quickly as you build a scalable XR program. Become one with your branding as it defies set formulas to evolve and adapt to the ever-changing markets.

Women Entrepreneurship

Women are creators. Our resilience and grit enhance our efforts as change agents with real power. Some might say we possess superhero abilities. The tiniest act on our part can have a far-reaching impact, which makes our mindful leadership essential. As creatives, we play in the world of “what might be” and get to balance scenarios and solutions. We create with integrity and purpose while building our professional credibility, financial stability, and life experiences. If we are bold and wise, we can drive the future toward a more diverse, inclusive, expansive, and sustainable way of thinking, doing, and being.

Craftsmanship & Mindfulness

Mindfulness is essential in craftsmanship. We must know who we are and why we do what we do. As creators and innovators, it is important to balance our love of creating with wisdom and purpose to keep goals and priorities on track as there are so many demands on our time. Through focused effort, we can achieve mastery. Mel Lim offers a simple set of guidelines she calls The Rules of Mastery to help advance our craft.

Across Industries, Brands, and Institutions

KMPG China

IWIRC | Hong Kong & Singapore

FTI Consulting

Walkers International

1880 Club Singapore

Stanford University

The New School | Parsons School of Design

Luxury Interactive NYC

National University of Singapore

UCSD Rady School of Management | MBA

West Virginia Women’s Commission

Athens Public Library

GIANT Conference

San Diego State University’s Lavin Entrepreneurship Center

Wonder Women Tech

RGD Ontario

3% Conference San Francisco

WebVisions Portland

IIT Institute of Design: The Design Research Conference

RE:DESIGN UXD San Francisco

China Productivity Center | Taiwan & Taichung

DMI Night Out San Diego

Speakers Bureau
  • Travels from San Diego, CA, USA

  • Speaking Fee:

  • Live Event Fee: $20,000 - $30,000

  • Virtual Event Fee: $10,000 - $20,000

Working with Mel was amazing! She was everything that we could have asked for. From the first minute of meeting with her, it felt like we had been friends for a long time, and she made the entire process a pleasurable experience. She has an amazing story and brings an incredible energy into the room. I wish we had more time with her to get more of her massive amounts of knowledge. I learned so much in the limited time we spoke together. She is a master at her craft, and her way of storytelling is inspiring and brings you on a journey. If anyone is looking for a speaker for any event, she would be an excellent choice. I couldn’t recommend having Mel Lim as a speaker enough!

Izzy Beltran

Product Designer, Microsoft


Interviews, Keynotes, Lectures & Webinars