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Mel is exceptional!


Apart from her kindness as a person, which makes working with her, side by side, at all hours of the day (and night) a true pleasure, she is an extraordinary talent.


Mel and her team find ways to fold in impactful storytelling methods that provoke sensory perception, from sound to visual design. Her phenomenal creative achievements are always unique, comprehensive, methodical, and compelling.

Guy Melamed

CFO and COO,

Varonis (Nasdaq: VRNS)

Once again, Mel Lim and her team designed a stellar SKO experience for Varonis. The unique challenge this year was that the SKO event launched on a Virtual stage. No matter what insane request we have of Mel, even if it requires a huge amount of thought, design and execution poured into a piteously minuscule time frame, Mel and her team deliver with excitement, alacrity, and impeccability.


Working day and night for weeks on end, they are 1000% dedicated to meticulously showcasing us in ways that are smart, intelligent, sensational, and memorable. Every single year, we work seamlessly together to produce compelling and impactful storytelling. Mel understands implicitly who we are, how we work, and what we expect, and in lockstep with our relentless pursuit of excellence. Mel’s focused dedication and her expansively creative visions always astonish and awe us beyond our expectations. 

David Gibson

Senior VP of Strategic Programs,

Varonis (Nasdaq: VRNS)

Maspira Groupe has been an incredible partner and a pleasure to work with.  They helped us address some complex brand challenges and really brought our brand to life with fantastic creative and messaging across a number of different mediums - website, video, marketing collateral, etc. Their storytelling ability is excellent. They developed a strong narrative for the brand and developed a compelling visual and captivating voice and tone. In addition, Maspira visualized what our product should look like from a design and functionality perspective while we were building it. Their responsiveness and turnaround time is unparalleled, even with some very tight and last-minute deadlines.  Maspira Groupe is truly a fantastic partner. I would highly recommend them. 

Jamie Gallo


Optios (Formerly PlatypusNeuro)

Thank you for delivering a truly inspirational, and incredibly uplifting message to us all from FTI and our clients – that we can be who we want to be; we can be the formidable us and use our power to empower others! I have no doubt that your stories, and how you use life challenges to your benefit, will continue to inspire us! Can’t wait to read the book…

Ricole Tan

Senior Managing Director,

FTI Consulting


From Global Executives

Mel Lim has helped the survivors in Shyne San Diego Business Incubator believe in themselves as leaders. She has a true passion for helping others see that some of life's hardest times are full of valuable lessons. By sharing her authentic self, Mel is able to connect, inspire and motivate women to achieve their wildest dreams.

Cynthia Luvlee

President & Executive Director,

Shyne San Diego

Once again, thank you for affirming and providing practical know-how for people who want to succeed through their artistic skills and craftsmanship with integrity in this otherwise wasteful age of built-in obsolescence and culture of fickleness. You are playing the role today of the Victorian arts entrepreneur, William Morris, but you are providing a path for the challenges of our own time. We have many talented people in our region who would rather live a stable modest existence by finding a living producing things of lasting quality, rather than going against their own values for the sake of profit and producing disposable, ephemeral work. The culture will come around once again to believe in things that can become an aesthetic legacy to pass on. For one thing, we cannot continue to waste the resources of the Earth as we are now doing -- or our future generations will have nothing to work with! I also appreciated that you were a clear and engaging speaker and very receptive and on target with audience questions. Thanks for the great respect you showed all of us.

Todd Bastin

Adult & Art Programming Coordinator

The Athens Public Library

Truly inspired by the Mel power! Mel’s speech was particularly inspiring to all the females in this modern age of gender equality. Her positive and energetic charisma has influenced and will continue to impact many of us. As a role model, Mel has demonstrated what constitutes a life worth living.

Veronica Chan

International Women’s Insolvency and Restructuring Confederation (IWIRC) HK Network Co-Chair

I really appreciated your story, and I am so grateful to you for sharing it with me. I feel there is a universal story—and it’s always the same. It’s about a person—someone like you and me—waking up one day and saying, ‘I want something more. I believe I can do something meaningful/important/different. But I must move—go somewhere I’ve never been before to realize this potential, to fill this hunger. And so we go to a new place. And we work hard. And we eat bitterness and endure sleeplessness, hunger, and discouragement, performing with no net, hanging on tightly to our vision of something more. Every single day trying to decide what to keep from our old life and what to abandon. Making painful choices. Making a way out of no way at all. Then success. Then how much of my story do I want to tell and to whom because it is a precious story of building a life out of one’s own imagination. And the wisdom that comes from struggle. We don’t want anyone learning the wrong lessons or making the wrong assumptions. Our story is our own personal treasure, and it is the one thing we don’t owe the world. We choose when and how we make a gift of our story and our wisdom.

Angela Blanchard

Former CEO of BakerRipley, commenting on Mel Lim sharing her personal story on adversities, failures, and ambition.


From Non-Profit Organizations

Mel Lim is so knowledgeable in her field, but more importantly, the enthusiasm and passion she brings out on stage, is not only inspiring but fuels the audience with incredible insights & knowledge!

Jordana Guimaraes

Co-Founder & Chief Brand Officer of Fashionnovation

Across Industries,
Brands, and Institutions

KMPG China

IWIRC | Hong Kong & Singapore

FTI Consulting

Walkers International

1880 Club Singapore

Stanford University

The New School | Parsons School of Design

Luxury Interactive NYC

National University of Singapore

UCSD Rady School of Management | MBA

West Virginia Women’s Commission

Athens Public Library

GIANT Conference

San Diego State University’s Lavin Entrepreneurship Center

Wonder Women Tech

RGD Ontario

3% Conference San Francisco

WebVisions Portland

IIT Institute of Design: The Design Research Conference

RE:DESIGN UXD San Francisco

China Productivity Center | Taiwan & Taichung

DMI Night Out San Diego

Stanford University
Rady School of Management UCSD
National University of Singapore
The New School
FTI Consulting
Design Management Instititute
ReDesign Conference
IIT Institute of Design
RGD Canada

Mel Lim, you were truly inspiring and I have so many lessons to learn from you. Your resilience, your grit, your charisma, your positive outlook. Very much looking forward to reading your book!

Mei Yin Tan

Partner at Oon & Bazul LLP

Thank you very much for delivering such an excellent keynote to us this evening. Many students have told me that it was one of the best talks that they have ever listened to. Your stories will continue to inspire us for a long time to come!

Wang Jiawen

President of the 10th Executive Committee of the Masters Club at National University of Singapore, NUS Business School

Mel Lim was a powerful addition to our International Women's Day event, sharing her uniquely addictive energy, wit and sass. She inspired, provoked and challenged us to strive harder and be better. She’s simply amazing.

Marc Nicholson

Founder, Club 1880 Singapore

Mel was a fantastic speaker, easy to work with, and energetic. She lights up the room even on a virtual networking event which is not easy to do! Her energy and passion really show through, will be working with her more!

Ho Yin

Founder, Remo


More From Around The World

Working with Mel was amazing! She was everything that we could have asked for. From the first minute of meeting with her, it felt like we had been friends for a long time, and she made the entire process a pleasurable experience. She has an amazing story and brings an incredible energy into the room. I wish we had more time with her to get more of her massive amounts of knowledge. I learned so much in the limited time we spoke together. She is a master at her craft, and her way of storytelling is inspiring and brings you on a journey. If anyone is looking for a speaker for any event, she would be an excellent choice. I couldn’t recommend having Mel Lim as a speaker enough!

Izzy Beltran

Product Designer, Microsoft

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